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PT. Iradat Aman Globalindo

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PT IRADAT AMAN GLOBALINDO, is a trading company supplying electrical and mechanical equipment. In the beginning, supported by domestic leading cable manufacturers, the company supplied various type of power and telecommunication cables to PT PLN (Persero), directly or through its main contractors, EPC companies, oil and gas, industrial and many others. PT Iradat Aman Globalindo is fully supported by PT Preformed Line Products Indonesia as distributor to sell its well-known high quality products such disc insulator, string set, line fitting and accessories for high voltage transmission line.

As an intermediary between the producers and the end users, we realize that providing seamless, consistent high-quality customer service is a must to meet customers’ expectation and maintain their loyalty. In connection with building strong and deep relationships with our customers, we try to respond our loyal costumers needs of other electrical equipments by continuously improve our business lines in a way that benefits our customers. On the other hand, our business lines are backed by strong brands that stand for quality and global service capability.

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